Friday, September 13, 2013

Digital Juice - Animated Canvases 25 Original Basis

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Digital Juice Animated Canvases 25 : Original Basis (Full ISO) | 13.7GB
Resolution file : 1920x1080, 720x576 | Format : ISO (MOV)


Animated Canvases 25 : Original Basis - you can be sure your project will turn out great if you have a good creative base . With this new collection of 25 th Fine animated backgrounds , it has become as easy as never before! Now you have the perfect arrangement that will boost your creativity and inspire your work on the following projects animated graphics or video , offering gorgeous animated backgrounds for any video production. You no longer need to look at an empty timeline hoping for inspiration ! Instead, you can choose one of these animations as a creative basis for his next project ...

The soul of any production is defined by its background. Animated Canvases 25 : Original Basis provides you with 42 elegant , ready- to-use Quicktime- animation in HD and SD- resolution , offering an exciting mix of animated light, color and texture that creates a perfect backdrop for everything from promo video greetings and wedding video to corporate presentations , DVD- menus, and much more. In this package , you get an interesting animated graphic base and the flow of creative ideas for your next project.
In contrast to the more complex Editor's Toolkit or ready2go, collections Animated Canvases are free customizable layers and lots of animated elements . They are designed to highlight text , video, and your ideas , and are the perfect foundation for revitalizing your projects .

• Ready-to-use Quicktime files in HD format work with all non-linear editing tools. Drag-and-drop right from the disc into any video or animation software or use the free Juicer software to browse, manage and output files to any desired format and resolution.
• Seamlessly loopable animations with an average length of 15 seconds. Each animation is 10-30 secs long and can be looped seamlessly to infinity to fit any length production you may need to create.
• Subtle yet powerful designs. Some Animated Canvases may look simple but they are expertly designed with lighting and detail to provide a powerful stage for your text, video and motion design elements so that they can be the heroes of the piece.
• Interchangeable options. Since most Animated Canvases are virtually interchangeable you can give your client multiple options in minutes, not hours or days.
• 42 42 HD & SD Pre-rendered Animated Quicktime files
• 2 DVDs
• 13.4 GB
• Compatible with all non-linear editing tools
• Compatible with both Windows and Mac
• Requires latest version of Juicer


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