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Có lẽ không cần nói nhiều về các bản Repack được build từ bản gốc nữa.Tiếp nối bản Proshow Producer 6.3395 Repack bây giờ chúng ta đã có bản Proshow Prioducer 6.3397 Repack khắc phục các nhược điểm của các bản trước.Và đây là bản Repack cuối cùng của Hệ 33.. Cách cài đặt các bạn có thể xem ở ĐÂY nhé

ProShow Producer 6.0.3397 - new , completely revised version of the professional program for creating high-quality slide shows and presentations. The starting material can use photo or video with the ability to preview in the editing process , you can also add an audio track on the soundtrack , use more than 300 video effects transitions, text , logos and other elements. During assembly and imposition of effects you can use image files with alpha channel transparency (PSD, PNG, TIFF and GIF), except that it is possible to use a mask layer , gradient fills or fill color. As a result, the terminal you create a video CD (VCD, SVCD, XVCD, XSVCD, CVD, BD and DVD), which can be viewed on the TV , as well as generate avtomnoe slideshow for web or create a screen saver.

Changes in ProShow Producer 6.0:
NEW! Text layers . Convert any text layer header in a single click. Apply effects such as motion , tilt , 3D printing and blur .
Text layers may also be used as a mask for image and video.
NEW! Additional font options with support for OTF (OpenType Font).
There are no more restrictions Font TrueType, you can explore countless new insights into text using virtually any font installed on your computer.
NEW! Improvements keyframes
Freeze the motion between keyframes simple right click to save the static parameter keyframe automatically creating a new keyframe that suspends movement . Switching from automatic to manual mode .
NEW! Publication show on devices IOS. Sending a finished ProShow clips on your IPhone / IPad from your computer using a free app for IOS Remote ProShow. No need for cables .
Turn on the IOS device into a remote control for live performance clips ProShow, running on the computer . Through this user-friendly application can execute commands : play, pause, skip , rewind , and even go full screen .
NEW! Advanced settings allow you to adjust the sound volume with the points in any part of the slideshow
NEW! Import Options .
Your photos are scattered in several places on the Internet ? No problem . Add content to your slide show from the cloud as easily as from a computer. Import photos and videos directly to Facebook, Instagram, SmugMug, Zenfolio , and Picasa.
New styles, templates + many more improvements!
NEW! 150 + new effects
ProShow 6 includes new menu themes have affected the output region DVD, Blu-ray and EXE-files , give them a fresh look.
More details about the changes ...

Changes in latest version ProShow 6.0.3397
Fixes an issue when importing certain manifested interlaced video (MTS / M2TS)
Fix a conflict prevents the import of certain codec M4A tracks on some systems
Fixed problems with the sound when video output is some video layers.

Output formats : TV Output Blu-ray, DVD, SVCD, VCD, XVCD, XSVCD, CVD
Output on your computer : EXE, PC Autorun, SCR
Web Output : Flash, PX, YouTube, Free Sharing through
Video output formats : MPEG2, MPEG1, MOV, WMV, 1080p/1080i / HD-Video, Flash FLV, AVI compressed , uncompressed AVI, support for custom codecs .

Program Version: 6.0.3397
OS: Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Vista, XP
Language: English / Russian ( crack )
Tablet: In stock!
Size: 286 MB

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    1. cảm ơn bạn,bản này mình biết lâu rồi nhưng chưa có bản crak ngon nên mình chưa đăng bạn à


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